Why do I need patience and trust? 

There are people who are naturally open to new subjects and new ideas, and others, who do not easily acclimatize for patience and trust because of life experience. Most people fall into the latter, so do I. This means you are probably not as trusting because familiarity breeds comfort. The same can be said for patience.

Listening to the videos ( which are completely free)  means taking yourself to a new place, with new ideas. If this is the start of your journey to heal yourself, you will need to establish a form of trust about the content of the videos. Trust is hard earned. It doesn’t come overnight. The trust comes from believing the content is true. How can you believe in this if you do not know it for a fact? I have attached the manuscript for the videos below.

This means, for every video, you can read what’s being said. If you find that the content is difficult to employ patience and trust, I recommend that you read the content before you watch the video. Without the music, and the graphics. Read it to someone else, and ask them if they think the words could be true/untrue.

Discuss the content. Why? If someone around you can help you understand or verify the content , the chances are, you’ll start to trust it too. Discuss the content if you feel you don’t trust it. We assure you, everything that is said is apart of the greater scheme of helping you realize that you can heal yourself, rid yourself of pain, and love yourself and others.

In summary, patience and trust is something you need to give yourself, in order for the videos to have a positive effect on you.

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