A video series dedicated for the journey to mindfulness, rehabilitation and self healing.

In essence, many of the videos in the series will repeat and make mention of the same concepts. There is an intention behind this. Each video, each comment, is not only directed towards your conscious mind, but also towards your subconscious.

The subconscious mind is not something we are aware of, and therefore, we have no reference for what ‘it’ retains and what it rejects. The more a specific concept is mentioned, the more we can say the brain is being rewired/ absorbing new thoughts and concepts. Particularly those that one is unfamiliar with.

Being technically minded , I didn’t understand this quite as clearly as I do now, having gone through the episodes exhaustively, to a point where my mind fully accepted ideas that initially seemed ‘far fetched’ ‘vague’ and ‘airy fairy’. The Journey to mindfulness is not always easily applied. 

The episodes are appealing to your mind by programming, not by virtue of entertainment, humor or ego. The ego, though it has a good side, has the ability to filter anything that doesn’t serve its conquest, until its eventually overpowered by good quality thoughts. Be patient with yourself and with the videos . They progress slowly and carefully, much like the mind itself. Listen to them again and again. Everyday, if you have a chance. The journey to mindfulness is a slow one.

This is only way to let the teachings have an effect on you.

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