About The Episode

Welcome to the Master Your Body Rehabilitation series. We welcome you to our video program series, which promotes an education of self healing, mindfulness and balance.

This first episode in rehabilitation is an introduction to understanding your body and its capabilities using guided meditation techniques.  We ask you to make an investment, not a financial one, but rather an investment in yourself, in furthering your awareness. An investment with a priceless pay off.

Your body is a blueprint culmination of your sub conscious mind. Every experience, every physical action, and every thought, is stored in the subconscious part of your brain. This sub conscious storage facility, is actually responsible for your future well being, both physically and mentally. You can connect with this, using mindfulness and guided meditation.

In order to promote self healing and body rehabilitation, you need to identify all the physical manifestations of the body. The body reflects the emotional barriers, obstacles and blockages of the sub conscious mind.

The body is light sensitive, by light, we mean a form of energy or vibration. The body can accept, store and distribute this energy. It is important that you visualize this concept, you must imagine the energy as a physical thing, ie a halo, a wave, a smoky haze, whatever you like. By doing this, you create a reality around this invisible force that affects you. Once you visualize this, you can understand it, be aware of it, and work with it. That is how we called this ‘guided meditation’. We give you the guidance to connect with yourself.

Self sufficiency is the future. This means, to take care of yourself, to promote your own self healing. Relying on medicine only or doctors can only take you so far. The future of humanity, is one that heals from within.

This muscular skeletal program practices integration of thoughts feelings and actions. If you allow your thoughts and feelings to be heard, actions will follow. Actions of healing, learning and growth. Ie restore, recharge and rejuvenate. This will ultimately lead to your own rehabilitation, through alignment, balance and control.

Once you follow this guided meditation series, you will find that your emotional strength will improve. This guided meditation is free!

You can not go to the gym for this form of strength, or use doctors, or personal trainers. This is why we say you can not fake it. It is not strength from weight lifting, or strength from muscle grow or stamina, it is a physical strength using mindfulness to harness your own energy. Visualize it, and learn to work with your energy patterns.

Above all else, be kind to yourself and others. This rehabilitation program is a slow process that requires patience and self love.


01 | The Journey

The Journey of Muscular Skeletal Rehabilitation

In essence, many of these muscular skeletal rehabilitation videos in the series will repeat and make mention of the same concepts. There is an intention behind this. Each video, each comment, is not only directed towards your conscious mind, but also towards your subconscious.

The subconscious mind is not something we are aware of, and therefore, we have no reference for what ‘it’ retains and what it rejects. The more a specific concept is mentioned, the more we can say the brain is being rewired/ absorbing new thoughts and concepts. Particularly those that one is unfamiliar with. Being technically minded , I didn’t understand this quite as clearly as I do now, having gone through the episodes exhaustively, to a point where my mind fully accepted ideas that initially seemed ‘far fetched’ ‘vague’ and ‘airy fairy’. That is the beauty of guided meditation. It will take you on a journey to self healing, if you let it.

The episodes are appealing to your mind by instruction, not by virtue of entertainment, humor or ego. The ego, though it has a good side, has the ability to filter anything that doesn’t serve its conquest, until its eventually overpowered by good quality thoughts. Be patient with yourself and with the videos . They progress slowly and carefully, much like the mind itself. Listen to them again and again, use this as a guided meditation manual, to unlock your inner voice.

Everyday, if you have a chance. This is only way to let the teachings have a positive effect on you.


02 | Patience & Trust

There are people who are naturally open to new subjects and new ideas, and others, who are less trusting, more rigid and more defined in their ways of thinking. Most people fall into the latter, so do I. This means you are probably not as trusting because familiarity breeds comfort. Listening to the videos means taking yourself to a new place, with new ideas. If this is the start of your journey to heal yourself, you will need to establish a form of trust about the content of the videos.

Trust is hard earned. It doesn’t come overnight. The trust comes from believing the content is true. How can you believe in this if you do not know it for a fact? I have attached the manuscript for the videos below. This means, for every video, you can read what’s being said. If you find that the content is difficult to trust/believe/accept, I recommend that you read the content before you watch the video.

Without the music, and the graphics. Read it to someone else, and ask them if they think the words could be true/untrue. Discuss the content. Why? If someone around you can help you understand or verify the content , the chances are, you’ll start to trust it too. Discuss the content if you feel you don’t trust it. We assure you, everything that is said is apart of the greater scheme of helping you realize that you can heal yourself, rid yourself of pain, and love yourself and others.

03 | It is for everyone

The video series is something anyone can listen to, all ages, men and women, child, adults, disabled or injury stricken.

Its good for all ages, sick or healthy, fit or unfit, abled or disabled. You don’t need to fit into a box/personality type, to listen to these videos. The only work you need to do, is follow the program. That doesn’t mean you need to take out a gym membership, or change the way you think, by force. The video series is the work itself. Listening to the teachings and the concepts, repeating this process over and over, that is probably the only real work that needs to be done. Give yourself that opportunity.

04 | Change is effortless. Power, is effortless.

The changes that happen from listening to the series, are natural. This is an IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE.   Any positive affect you have, will come to you naturally.   The videos make mention of the changes and practices being effortless. This is what we mean. Power is effortless. Have you noticed that when you force something, like a glass jar, it breaks.

Have you forced relationships, only to have them deteriorate. These are similar concepts, and mistakes we all make. We push our way through our ambitious dreams and plans for our lives, and we know that in order to affect change ,we need to enforce an action. This is a habit learnt from a young age. Enforcing change makes surface level change happen- this is sometimes necessary, i.e. getting out of bed early in the morning, to get to work on time.

But that surface level change, that appears to be the sum of all parts, is only the tip of the iceberg of changes you really need to make. This is why, when you start out in the journey of life, it takes you such a long time to genuinely achieve anything of any real value. Because, in actuality, you enforce so many rules and actions upon yourself to achieve your goals, which actually only accounts for 10% or so, of the actual worth of your achievements.

The other 90% that results in the true change you seek ( towards happiness and fulfillment) is not based on enforced action, its based on unenforced natural change. Those natural seemingly effortless changes comes from a change in mentality- THAT IS THE ONLY TRUE CHANGE YOU CAN MAKE as a human being. And that change, though it may seem contradictory to making physical changes, is effortless.

It is a natural flow and the transient nature of wisdom.

05 | Energy Is King

We are ultimately, a whole bunch of atoms, strung together in a very precise way. We move, talk, see, feel, and do a whole host of involuntary and voluntary tasks in every second that we are alive. These tasks require energy. Every living creature encompasses energy and utilizes this energy.

However, we don’t actively engage in thoughts of energy in and energy out. We don’t see how our actions, connections and lifestyle affects our energy patterns. One of the first steps within the program, is to understand energy. Conceptualize energy. I used to think energy meant nutrition. Food in = energy out. This is only one part of a massive equation of energy use.

Spend time visualizing energy, it doesn’t have to be a specific pattern or image. Energy should be a visual construct in your mind. By placing emphasis on energy, it opens your mind to the ways in which you use this energy everyday. Emotions use energy. Breathing uses energy. Everything has a vibration, trees, plants animals.

You are apart of this system, and function in exactly the same way- though on an academic level, you are substantially different from another individual, or a plant or animal, on an energy level, you are exactly the same as everything else in your eco-system. Understanding the connection between yourself and everything else is an important concept to affect self healing. Energy is that connection. Feel it, visualize it, related to it