Master Your Body TV is a South African Youtube channel designed to create self awareness, improve the condition of your body, and help you find harmony, peace and love, within yourself and others.

Each video we release is a form of guidance you can follow free of charge. We only ask that you make an investment in yourself.

Master Your Body does not require you to exercise or be physically fit.

This program is free, and available to anyone, and everyone. It is suitable for all ages, fit and unfit, able and disabled.

Our message is simple. Our principles are:

Intention and Attention

Where the attention goes, the energy follows

No Effort

Natures intelligence functions with no effort

Pure Potentiality

The source of all creation is consciousness

Cause and Effect

Every ignorance, denial, and unresolved emotion manifests inside the human body

Self Power

There is no help from the outside, only from within

Energy and information

The human body accepts, generates, stores and expands energy. Energy exists everywhere in nature.


Join us on this journey, to self -discovery.


Meet the Team responsible for the Master Your Body Youtube channel.

Stellar Bouzov

Project Muse

Stellar is the project Muse. She has been practicing these teachings from the videos for 30 years , helping every kind of individual from professional athletes, hospital patients, as well as treating people with mental conditions and physical aliments. She has worked with children and adults.

Chrisandra Moodley

Writer / Voice Actor

Crisandra is the script writer and does the screen adaptation for the series. She is also ‘the voice’ of the series. Her role is to pull together Stellar’s teachings into the final yet simple product you see on Youtube.

Willem Viljoen

Art Director

Willem does the video production, and sound editing. He is the technical genius of the project. He works with the concepts, and the video materials, bring Stellar’s beautiful teachings, and Chrisandra’s words, to life.